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Online Safety Dating Tips For Big Beautiful Women

Posted by: | Posted on: August 23, 2016
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  It’s so thrilling an experience for a big beautiful woman to meet a big handsome young man on her first date after hours of online dating and incessant conversations in chat rooms. So, big beautiful women singles looking for a true, honest and long-lasting relationship should play safe when meeting a guy for the very first time. Excitement is fine but you must not be carried away with the thought of new love and romance. If you are looking for some safety dating tips and ideas, this article is for you.

  Do not Share Any Personal Information

  When interacting with a man in a chat room, the nature of conversations generally borders on a casual note. If so, avoid sharing any personal information. You may have been communicating with this guy for quite some and exchanged several emails; however, do not act impulsively. There is nothing wrong if he is insisting you to meet for the first time. Then, you must not disclose things like where you reside, where is your office, or any information about your favorite hangouts where you frequently visit.

  Ask Him to Provide his Phone Number First

  Enough of mails have been exchanged and now you feel it’s the right time to provide phone numbers. Hold on! The guy should be the first to furnish his mobile number. If a man is decent, honest and eligible, then there is no reason to withhold his contact details. He should be willing to furnish it first. Even after you have requested, if he seems reluctant, there is enough reason to doubt his intentions. In such a situation, simply give this dude a pass!

big beautiful women dating

  Choose a Busy and Safe Spot

  When chatting online and deciding on a place of rendezvous, choose a busy daytime coffee shop. You will not get privacy but then it’s only your first meeting with a guy. You will spend more time talking to him and knowing him. There isn’t much need for privacy on your first meeting. On the contrary, if the place is swarming with people, you will feel grateful for the crowd in case an unpleasant situation occurs. If you feel bad or the man insists on a more secluded spot, simply move on.

  Do not accede to his request of picking you up from home. If you do so, he will come to know where you live. Instead, agree to come to a spot that you feel safe.

  Don’t Assume that the Man is Safe

  When dating on the web, there is no reason to assume that the man you are meeting is safe. Ask questions and interact more via instant messaging to come to know about the person. Give him some time to open up so that he can share some personal details. Try to extract information such as how often he drinks, the kind of friends he has, whether he lives with his parents or stays alone etc. These little bits of information such will give you a fair idea about his personality and habits.

  Drink Less

  It feels nice to hold a goblet of wine or cocktail after dining with him. Then, do not indulge in too much alcohol as it impairs human judgment. Too much consumption of alcohol will also lessen your reticence or reserve. It’s better to avoid drinking on your first date. However, if you feel like, make sure you take sips in moderation.

  Inform Someone Where You Are Going

  When the two of you agree to meet in a safe place, inform about the rendezvous to one of your family members or friends. Arrange for a phone call when you meet the guy so that your friend or family member knows where you are and whether you are safe.

  So, these are some of the online safety dating tips for big beautiful women on their first date. If you feel comfortable with the man and want to meet him again, you can give your cell phone number rather than divulging your home number.

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